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Ailola Lingua International Internship Program

Ailola Lingua's international internship program places motivated, responsible and tech-savvy candidates at the helm of the brand's growth, both on the ground and online. Successful applicants will work embedded in an Ailola Lingua language school to drive the brand's marketing activities across a number of platforms, reasserting its robust current performance levels and expanding it into new markets.

Ailola Quito Internships

The program is targeted at students and young professionals seeking international work experience lasting 3 to 9 months. Applicants should be intuitive self-learners with confidence and ambition, in a range of tasks and across a range of platforms. The key aims of the program include:

While unpaid, interns are offered free group language lessons at the school in which they are embedded to boost their language skills and on-the-job-performance. Keep reading for more information!

Our internships areas

Online Marketing & Social Media

The internet is a double-edged sword for the flooded international-language learning market. Why? While the best language schools now have a platform to reach quality-focused students, they often fail to generate visits by seriously underperforming online and downplaying the importance of a strong social media presence.

Ailola Lingua understands the role of online marketing and social media in ensuring the consistency and long-term growth of our brand. Our interns bring skills in marketing, tourism and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to create, adapt and advance content for the Ailola Lingua Brand. You'll be tasked with boosting search-engine performance, generating “likes” and “shares” on our social media pages, and monitoring performance levels to develop new strategies for Ailola Lingua online.


Drive more traffic and bookings for the Ailola Lingua language schools network

  • Increased online engagement with current and potential students
  • Improved marketing strategies and SEO outcomes
  • Unparalleled personal growth in online marketing and social media

Content Management & Translation

With the internet having revolutionized the way in which we communicate and process information, never have language skills been so important. Across many sectors, customers now respond almost exclusively to succinct and well-designed marketing techniques, with their growing capacity to quickly gauge a brand's honesty and quality.

Our Content Management and Translation internship seeks to break through the online noise to reach students from the widest possible range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. So whether it's German to Chinese, or Spanish to Dutch, we invite you to apply! Our interns will know how to effectively get the Ailola Lingua message across with an innate understanding of the subtleties of their working languages. With a focus on HTML and translation, interns will boost the quality and quantity of the brand's communication with the outside world.


Develop new international markets for the Ailola Lingua brand

  • Develop Ailola Lingua's online content in new language(s) through intelligent and creative HTML
  • See through on the evolution of existing content to maximize the brand's online marketing results
  • Personal growth and opportunities in a truly international internship

Why intern at Ailola Lingua?

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Ailola Lingua is a small but rapidly-expanding brand that offers interns personalized attention and opportunities that other firms, too big or too small, cannot. We are an international network focused on a universal theme – education. Here are some other reasons you should intern with us:

How is the internship structured?

What previous interns have to say

© Stella

From July to September, I was doing an internship for Ailola Lingua in the world's highest capital, Quito. During this time, I was responsible for (online) marketing and social media, which included, for instance, content marketing, blogger relations, the design of publications and advertising, quality management as well as translations. Usually, I was having four hours of Spanish classes in the morning and, then, worked another four hours in the afternoon, which means that I could also significantly improve my Spanish skills (from B1 to B2/C1). Besides, Quito is a really laid-back city where I met so many wonderful people from all over the world. All in all, I really liked my stay in Quito, which is why I can warmly recommend you to apply for an internship at Ailola Quito.

Stella G. – Germany Germany at Ailola Quito in 2016
© Jennifer

The Internship at Ailola Quito was the perfect way to complete my semester abroad. Within six exciting months of living and working in Quito, I got the opportunity to learn and improve my Spanish while getting a great insight into the work of an international oriented language school. My responsibilities ranged from general organisation issues to specific (online) marketing tasks, which were mainly assisgned and supervised by the German headquarter. All in all I had a memorable time in Ecuador, met amazing people from all over the world and earned valuable work experiences in marketing and educational tourism.

Jennifer O. – Germany Germany at Ailola Quito in 2014

Our worldclass locations

Ailola Buenos Aires Internships - © Anibal Trejo, Fotolia

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina and one of Latin America's most sought-after destinations for Spanish-language courses. Interns will enjoy the trendy lifestyle of a city known as the Paris of the South, with its superb nightlife, tasty cuisine, robust art and music scenes, and the fascinating traditions of a society that blends European and Latin American influences. Applying for the Ailola Buenos Aires internship program – located in the city's gobsmacking Palacio Barolo – is simply a must!

Available internship positions at Ailola Buenos Aires:

We currently do not have any open positions.

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Ailola Cape Town Internships - © N/A

Cape Town is Africa’s premiere destination for adventure, culture, and stunning geography. This all-in-one city will take your breath away with its diversity, offering you endless experiences and opportunities, both personal and professional. Intern in Cape Town and you’ll be stepping into a world of natural and cultural wonders, where great wine flows and delicious cuisine rules, where the continent’s most liberal thinkers gather, and where the Rainbow Nation – South Africa – truly shines.

Available internship positions at Ailola Cape Town:

We currently do not have any open positions.

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Ailola Madrid Internships - © kasto80, iStock

At the heart of Spain, both geographically and culturally, Madrid is a capital city that brings out the best of Spanish society. With its warm people, unparalleled cuisine and incredible inner-city destinations, the city offers interns a lifestyle uncommon to cities as big and bold as Madrid. You'll work in one of the capital's most stylish barrios, with the chance to organize and participate in Ailola Madrid's rich activities program taking you to the heart of Madrid and beyond!

Available internship positions at Ailola Madrid:

We currently do not have any open positions.

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Ailola Quito Internships - © sgoodwin4813, iStock

Quito is one of Latin America's best preserved cultural and architectural hubs. A truly international city, in a uniquely traditional way, Quito offers interns the chance to discover Latin America at its finest. History and natural beauty collide in one of stunning Ecuador's most desirable places to live. You'll bike across the city, discover it's superb historic centre, and work in one of the best-located language schools in Ecuador. The team at Ailola Quito is waiting for you!

Available internship positions at Ailola Quito:

We currently do not have any open positions.

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