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International Internship Program Q&A

The Ailola Lingua International Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for outgoing, ambitious young professionals seeking international work experience in an online company whose focus is on quality education for foreign-language students. Keep reading for more information about the application and internship!

Our Brand

  • What is Ailola Lingua?

    Ailola Lingua is an international network of foreign-language schools. We are an online company based in Germany, working in several continents worldwide. Our focus is on quality education and results for foreign-language students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

  • What services does Ailola Lingua offer?

    Ailola Lingua's language schools offer a range of courses that respond to current demand in the market with the added benefit of being respected locally-owned and operated institutions with an acute focus on each and every student. Course types include group, private, combination (a mix of group and private classes) and special courses for Business, Families, University and High-school students, Tourism Workers, as well as exam preparation courses and Onsite Corporate Language Training, and more.

The Application

  • How long before my start date should I apply?

    We recommend applying 3 months in advance of your start date. If you require funding or need to apply to some sort of scholarship in order to travel, we recommend you apply at least six months prior to your start date.

  • What academic disciplines or majors do you recruit from?

    We accept applicants from all disciplines and degree majors. Applicants currently enrolled in or graduated from a course in tourism and/or marketing will take priority, with skills or experience in translating considered an advantage.

  • Which locations do you offer for internship programs?

    We offer internships in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Quito (Ecuador) and Madrid (Spain).

  • Can I apply to different locations?

    Yes. If you apply to more than one of our destinations, Ailola Lingua will determine which you are best suited to.

  • Do you accept applications from people who graduated and are employed already?

    No, we only accept interns who are currently enrolled or recently graduated, with a focus on those wishing to expand their work experience.

  • Are candidates who require a work permit/visa considered?

    Yes, we will help you to obtain the visa where necessary.

  • When can I start an internship?

    Our internship program is open year-round. Start dates depend on the availability at each of our Ailola Lingua language schools. Applicants are invited to apply speculatively. Ailola Lingua will then advise you on availability.

  • What personal characteristics does Ailola Lingua look for in an applicant?

    Ailola Lingua is an online global brand that is passionate and committed to education. As such, we seek commitment, ambition and strong communication skills from our interns. While our interns are embedded in locally-owned and operated language schools, the overall performance of the brand is prioritized.

  • Do I need to speak English?

    Yes, our working language is English. Students should have advanced written and spoken English skills.

  • Do I need to speak more than 1 language?

    Applicants who speak more than one language will take priority over others, especially those who speak the language of the destination they're wishing to intern in, e.g. Spanish in Buenos Aires.

The Interview

  • When will I know if I've been selected for an interview?

    We will contact you via email and setup a meeting online.

  • How does the interview take place?

    Interviews are conducted, voice-only via Skype or over the phone, lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

  • How should I prepare for the interview?

    By the interview stage applicants should review the position in detail and be ready to discuss past experiences in that same field, as well as their current expectations for the program. Applicants should be able to express genuine interest in the location they have chosen as well as significant knowledge about the city and country they will visit. Research about the Ailola Lingua language school they will intern at is crucial.

  • How many interviews will be undertaken?

    Usually one interview with a recruiter from Ailola Lingua's headquarter and in some cases an additional interview with the local school director.

  • When will I know whether I have been accepted?

    Applicants will be advised within a week of their interview and often faster.

  • Will I be able to communicate with staff at the Ailola Lingua school I will intern at?

    Yes, students will be put in contact with local staff. However, queries related to the internship itself – tasks, goals, outcomes, responsibilities – should be directed to Ailola Lingua's management.

  • What should I do if my situation changes and I cannot undertake the internship?

    Given the strong demand for internships, you are asked to inform Ailola Lingua immediately of the possibility of your circumstances changing.

The Internship

  • What is the duration of the internship?

    The internship program lasts a minimum 3 months and a maximum 9 months.

  • Is there an ideal amount of time I should intern with Ailola Lingua?

    The ideal timeframe for an Ailola Lingua internship is 4 months or longer. This will give you time to adapt to the local environment and succeed with your internship objectives.

  • What type of training will I receive during the internship program?

    In general, interns receive on-the-job training. The training will vary according to the location but usually includes:

    1.) An online meeting illustrating how Ailola Lingua works,

    2.) Online technical training explaining the tools and systems you will work with,

    3.) Local language training if needed and offered, and,

    4.) Local product training explaining the services we offer.

  • Will the internship be accredited by my university?

    Universities generally recognize our internship program. Applicants are advised to contact their university directly to ensure our program outline meets the requirements for credit. If you require a full-time internship position, we can exclude the group language lessons we offer in order for you to complete the minimum amount of working hours per week.

  • What is the working schedule?

    The internship is full-time with 8 working hours per day and a 1 hour lunch break. If language lessons are included, they will take place either in the morning or afternoon.

  • Will I have my own workplace?

    Yes, you will have your own work place with a PC or notebook computer and internet connection. You can also bring your own notebook since we mostly work with collaborative online tools.

  • Who are my co-workers?

    At our local language schools and offices you will work with local staff who will be able to effectively introduce you to local habits and culture.

  • Does the program include language lessons?

    Yes, we offer free language lessons enabling you to improve your language skills, including for your role as an intern. It also allows you to get a better understanding of the services we offer to our students.

  • Are language lessons obligatory?

    While they are free and highly-recommended, our language lessons for interns are voluntary. If you already speak the language well, or stay for a long period, you might take fewer or no lessons at all.

  • Will the language lessons be taught individually or in a group setting?

    The free language lessons offered to interns are our schools' standard group lessons, meaning you will learn alongside other students of your same language level.

Did we miss something? Contact us today for additional queries about the Ailola Lingua International Internship Program!