An opportunity to grow with Ailola!

The Ailola brand can help your language school secure stronger results in the highly-competitive and dynamic international market for foreign language students. With an acute awareness of the strengths and weakness of your institution, we work mutually for long-term results, developing new locations and increasing student numbers.

Who are we?

Language School Opportunities

Ailola is an international network of language schools. An online firm whose focus is in education, we look for quality, strong educational outcomes for students, and the appeal of major worldwide travel destinations as places for students to learn and prosper.

What do we do?

Our capacities in technology and marketing, combined with our highly developed sales framework, helps local institutions boost their access to the foreign student market. Given the highly-competitive nature of foreign-language education, we guarantee our partners will achieve more in the Ailola network.

What do we look for?

Ailola has an unbreakable focus on quality, high educational results and top destinations for international language students. Specifically, we are looking for:

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