Quito is a spectacular city with soaring mountains, dramatic volcano peaks and colourful Lego-like neighbourhoods. Two areas in particular have especially stunning views: Guápulo and Parque Itchimbía. In both areas, you will find there are lots of great restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the sweeping vista as well as a nice meal. Here are some recommendations:


Guápulo in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Guápulo in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

Guápulo is a gully on the west of Quito, nestled against the rolling green forest of El Auqui. The higher you are in Guápulo — the better the views. You’ll find a lookout point on the corner of Stubel and Rafael Leon Larrea. Here you can see all the way to the distant mountains. Follow the main road down and you’ll also come across strategically placed restaurants and cafes.

Casa Warmi

Where: Rafael Leòn Larrea 1050 and Camino de Orellana, Quito
When: Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

Warmi Café in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Warmi Café in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

This cute, unpretentious café has a front row seat to Guápulo gully. You can sit outside and gaze across the green sierra, all the way to the distant mountains. It’s an ideal breakfast spot. You can also stop by their store and pick up organic spreads, spices and vinaigrettes.

Techo del Mundo

Where: Gonzalez Suarez N27–142, Quito
When: Every day 7am to midnight

Techo del Muno in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Techo del Muno in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

Located on the seventh floor of Hotel Quito, Techo del Mundo has wraparound views of Guápulo and Pichincha. It is the kind of place to take your parents or relatives. Not only does it have an enviable view of the city, it also offers high quality international cuisine. You can also stop by for a cocktail and take a peek at the spectacular views below.

Ananké La Pizzeria de Guápulo

Where: Camino de Orellana 781, Quito
When: Monday to Saturday 6pm to midnight

Ananké La Pizzeria de Guápulo in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Ananké La Pizzeria de Guápulo in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

This romantic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to snuggle up, enjoy an organic wood-fire pizza and take in the views of the El Auqui mountain. It is located halfway down Guápulo gully, which means you don’t get the same expansive views. Instead you get a lovely local vibe and a closer look at the opposite forest.

Parque Itchimbía

Parque Itchimbía in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Parque Itchimbía in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

This park is to the west of Quito. You may have to climb up a few stairs to get here but the view is worth it. Look west and you can see Pichincha and all of Centro Histórico. Look south and there’s the Virgin del Panecillo and sprawling Andean mountain range. You will find eating options inside the park and all along the adjacent road Manuel Samaniego.

Café Mosaico

Where: Manuel Samaniego #30 and Antepara, Quito
When: Monday to Wednesday 4 to 11pm Thursday to Sunday 1 to 11pm

Café Mosaico in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Café Mosaico in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

This colourful little restaurant has great friendly service and an amazing outlook of Centro Histórico. You can sit outside on the balcony or enjoy the view from the floor to ceiling windows. Come for dinner and watch Quito turn into a twinkling matrix of light.

Vista Hermosa Itchimbía

Where: Manuel Samaniego N8–169 and Anteparra, Quito
When: Monday to Saturday 3 pm to midnight

Vista Hermosa Itchimbía in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Vista Hermosa Itchimbía in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

As the name suggests, Vista Hermosa has fantastic views of the city. It has wraparound glass windows and near panoramic views of Quito. The restaurant is only open for dinner, serving a mix of Ecuadorian and international dishes. It is however, on the pricey end of the scale so best to be reserved for special occasions.

Pim’s Palacio de Cristal

Where: Calle Iquique, Quito
When: Monday to Saturday noon to midnight Sundays noon to six

Pim’s Palacio de Cristal in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.
Pim’s Palacio de Cristal in Quito — © Melissa Kitson.

An open-air restaurant right in the middle of Parque Itchimbía, Pim’s is a great vantage point of all of Quito. But to fully appreciate the views, make sure you wait for a cloudless day! If you go for lunch, you can wonder the park and explore the other great lookout points.

Do you know other places to eat and drink in Quito with panoramic views? Add your comments below.

Originally published on Ailola by Melissa Kitson on October 1, 2015.