Buenos Aires comes alive in the summertime. Everybody comes out to play and there are fun social events, festivals and things to do every day and night of the week. Here are eight of our favorite things to do in Buenos Aires during the summer.

1. Embark on a quest to find the best ice cream in the city

Ice cream in Buenos Aires — © JESHOOTS-com / Pixabay.
Ice cream in Buenos Aires — © JESHOOTS-com / Pixabay.

There’s nothing better on a steaming hot afternoon than digging into a mountain of ice-cold gelato ice cream. And Argentina’s ice cream is among the best thanks to their Italian ancestors. There’s an ice cream parlor on almost every other block in the city so you can set yourself a mission to try every one and find the best helado de dulce de leche in the city. Make sure that Rapanui and Lucciano’s are on your must-try list.

2. Saturday afternoons are for PM Open Air Music

PM Open Air music festivals in Buenos Aires — © PM Open Air Music.
PM Open Air music festivals in Buenos Aires — © PM Open Air Music.

The weekly Saturday PM Open Air Music Festival has become a BA summertime institution since its launch a few years ago. The electronic music event attracts swarms of BA’s party goers every Saturday afternoon to dance, drink and be merry until sundown on the banks of the Costanera surrounded by palm trees and sunshine, while a roster of big-name local and international DJs take to the decks outdoors. You can pre-purchase your tickets here and get in there quick as the first 100 for every event are discounted.

3. Party by the pool

Pool parties in Buenos Aires — © djiledesign / iStock.
Pool parties in Buenos Aires — © djiledesign / iStock.

When the temperatures hit a high in Buenos Aires, particularly in December and January, you’ll welcome any invitation to sip a refreshing Campari and soda around an outdoor pool and pool parties are a recurring event. To multiply your chances, stay in favor with any friends in the city with piletas and keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for upcoming pool parties. You might want to invest in some snazzy new swimwear for the occasion. Check out local swimwear brand Cipitria.

4. Explore the Tigre Delta by kayak

Kayaking in Tigre Delta — © Tigre Municipio / Flickr.
Kayaking in Tigre Delta — © Tigre Municipio / Flickr.

When the heat of the city becomes too much, you can escape to the Tigre Delta for the day, just an hour on the train from Buenos Aires, and explore the swampy waterways and verdant islands on kayak. Check out the various packages offered by Delta en Kayak who organize fun, half-day excursions, with kayak and life jackets included. There are various one-person and two-person kayaks available depending on whether you want to share the workload or go it alone and there’s an instructor on hand to keep your paddling skills in check. If you’re looking for something different to do with your Saturday night, they also run nighttime kayaking adventures that include a stop on land for dinner around the campfire. Whether you go kayaking during the day or evening, be sure to apply that mosquito repellent liberally as the mosquitoes are fierce in the summer.

5. Get to know the city’s street art scene

Street art in Buenos Aires — © McKay Savage / Flickr.
Street art in Buenos Aires — © McKay Savage / Flickr.

You’ve probably already noticed Buenos Aires’ vibrant street art scene and the warm, sunny weather provides the perfect conditions in which to get outdoors and explore it more closely. The guys at Graffiti Mundo run some really interesting (and affordable) street art tours exploring different areas and artists in the city and providing insight into the political and social messages in the work. The group tours run from around USD 20 to USD 35 per person and you can book online here. You could also hop on one of the city’s free yellow Ecobici and bike around the neighborhoods of Charcarita, Colegiales, Villa Crespo and Palermo Hollywood and Soho on your own and see what urban art you come across. There’s lots to see in these barrios and plenty of cafes for a pit stop.

6. Hang out on the Arcos del Rosedal strip

Arcos del Rosedal bar and restaurant strip — © Chori.
Arcos del Rosedal bar and restaurant strip — © Chori.

The Arcos del Rosedal bar and restaurant strip overlooking the leafy green Bosques de Palermo is a hotspot in the summer and a slew of new bars and restaurants have taken up residence in the arches under the railway line in the last few months, all with ample outdoor seating. Grab a gourmet choripán from the newly opened Chori and then enjoy some afternoon cervezas in the sunshine at the hip Avant Garten bar.

7. Enjoy a spot of polo

Argentine Polo Competition in Buenos Aires — © Roger Schultz / Flickr.
Argentine Polo Competition in Buenos Aires — © Roger Schultz / Flickr.

The polo is another key event on the summer social calendar. Even if you didn’t make it to the Argentine Polo Open that takes place every year from November to December in the Palermo Polo grounds, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch some polo over the summer as various friendly matches are played at both the Campo Argentino de Polo de Palermo and Hurlingham Club. You can also try your own hand at a spot of polo in the campo for the day through Argentina Polo Day.

8. Attend at least one rooftop asado per week

Rooftop asados in Argentina — © vladans / iStock.
Rooftop asados in Argentina — © vladans / iStock.

Rooftop asados are an integral part of summertime in Buenos Aires. Once you’ve befriended a few porteños, the invitations will start rolling in. And if you have access to the rooftop and parrilla in your apartment building then why not host your own Argentine-style barbecue. All you need is a sunny rooftop, plenty of cerveza and wine, mountains of fresh meat and a willing asador or asadora to take charge of the grilling.

Got any other suggestions for fun things to do during the summer in Buenos Aires? Tell our readers about them in the comments section below.

Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on December 20, 2018.