Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some Ecuadorians start the day off European-style with pastries and bread and cheese or dulce (jam). But breakfast in Ecuador can also mean a more satisfying meal such as llapingachos served on the street. And for those of you craving a more traditional American breakfast, there are places in town where you can get your egg and bacon fix. Not forgetting all the delicious freshly squeezed juices you have at your fingertips. Here’s our guide to the best breakfast places in Quito.

Top places for breakfast in Quito

En Dulce

Where: Calle Guayaquil N6–56 y Olmedo, Quito

En Dulce breakfast cafe in Quito — © En-Dulce.
En Dulce breakfast cafe in Quito — © En-Dulce.

This cozy little café serves up a solid breakfast menu consisting of a mix of Ecuadorean specialties such as empanadas and tortillas alongside freshly baked breads and pastries, and eggs done any which way. If you have a sweet tooth in the morning, their hot chocolate is to die for (the perfect balance between bitter and sweet) and they always have a great selection of freshly squeezed juices from the fruits in season. They have a variety of different set breakfast options that include a juice and a choice of tea, coffee or milk).

La Bakery

Where: Av. Coruña N30–123 y Whymper, Quito

Eggs benedict in Quito — © Jacques2017 / Pixabay.
Eggs benedict in Quito — © Jacques2017 / Pixabay.

This place is famous for its artisan desserts but it also serves up a mean eggs benedict and the house scrambled eggs are also tasty. In fact, it has all your American-style breakfast and brunch needs covered, from muesli and fresh fruit to pancakes, French toast and, of course, mimosas. The coffee is also great and there’s a nice little outdoor deck for an al fresco breakfast.

Jürgen Cafe

Where: Moscú, Quito

Best breads & buns at Jürgen Cafe in Quito — © Jürgen Café.
Best breads & buns at Jürgen Cafe in Quito — © Jürgen Café.

If you like bread and you’re not afraid of a few carbs then you’ll love the freshly baked artisan bread at Jürgen Café. Their secret formula for making bread dates back to 1894 when the Spelier family founded their first bakery in Holland and has been passed down through four generations. They also have a huge breakfast menu and all the options include a hot drink, fresh juice and a breadbasket. Their omelets are a popular choice and their chicken and waffles are pretty authentic too. And if you go on Tuesdays, you get a free refill of coffee or hot chocolate.

The Magic Bean

Where: Mariscal Foch E5–08 y Juan León Mera, Quito

Fresh fruit juices for breakfast in Quito — © The Magic Bean Restaurant.
Fresh fruit juices for breakfast in Quito — © The Magic Bean Restaurant.

You can find all the familiar breakfast dishes at this popular restaurant and coffee house, including their signature Egg McBagel sandwich (which beats McDonald’s Egg McMuffin hands down) and towers of pancakes that’ll keep you filled up until lunch. To get your vitamin fix, there’s also a great menu of healthy fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. With a name like The Magic Bean, you can guarantee that you’ll get a good cup of coffee too.

Café Jaru

Where: Av. Republica del Salvador y Portugal, Quito

Ecuadorean coffee at Café Jaru in Quito — © Engin Akyurt / Pixabay.
Ecuadorean coffee at Café Jaru in Quito — © Engin Akyurt / Pixabay.

If you’re not a big breakfast person but a serious coffee drinker, this is a good place for a morning brew and some quiet study time, as you get high on the aromas of freshly ground Ecuadorean coffee beans. Coffee is their specialty, with a long menu of options, and the baristas know how to make it just right. There are also some tasty sweet treats (try the muffins and chocolate donuts) and fruity frappes to go with your café.

Mercado Central

Where: Av. Pichincha, Quito

Street food breakfast at Quito’s central market — © Rinaldo Wurglitsch / Flickr.
Street food breakfast at Quito’s central market — © Rinaldo Wurglitsch / Flickr.

If you’d rather get your fill of Quito’s colorful street food scene while you’re in Ecuador then hit up the Mercado Central for breakfast and order one of Ecuador’s signature llapingachos. It consists of their version of a Spanish-style potato and egg tortilla topped with a fried egg and served with avocado, salsa, chorizo and other sides depending on the food stall. It makes for a very satisfying meal and great value for a student on a budget. Or, you could try the breakfast of champions, a tigrillo that’s a mouth-watering mix of chorizo, cooked mashed plantains and cheesy eggs. The locals consume it in vast quantities believing that the plantains give you a great energy boost in the morning. are also a great street food breakfast snack if you’re in a hurry (a mixture of corn, onion, egg and sometimes cheese, wrapped up in a corn husk). This is also THE place to get freshly squeezed juice from all manner of exotic fruits, some of which you’ve probably never even laid eyes on before.

Got any other favorite breakfast places in Quito? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on June 19, 2018.