The Argentines have a unique way of playing the game of love and the dating scene in Argentina is a roller coaster, full of highs and lows. If you’re looking for romance while you’re studying Spanish in Buenos Aires (and let’s be honest, it’s a great way to practice español) here are a few things you should know.

Punctuality isn’t their forte

If your date hasn’t shown up for 30 minutes, don’t jump to conclusions and give them another 15 minutes, at least. It’s part of the culture to be fashionably late. Save yourself the embarrassment of sitting in a bar or a restaurant on your own and show up late too.

A midnight rendezvous isn’t uncommon

If you’ve spent a bit of time in Buenos Aires, you’ll already be familiar with the late nights so it should come as no surprise if your date suggests meeting up at 11pm or later. Most Argentines don’t eat dinner until after 10pm, even on weekdays, and the bars don’t get going until midnight, so it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re only after one thing. Just take an early evening siesta to prepare yourself for the long night ahead.

Argentines love to make plans but they don’t always materialize. Don’t be surprised if you get invited out and then get canceled on at the last minute. It could be that your date’s favorite soccer team just lost, it’s raining too hard or a last-minute family commitment came up. Preparing yourself for the possibility of being stood up and even having a back-up plan for your evening will help lessen the blow. It doesn’t mean you won’t hear from them again.

Argentine men sure know how to charm

Couple in park — © Maura Nicolaita / Pixabay.
Couple in park — © Maura Nicolaita / Pixabay.

Those handsome Argentine men can be the perfect gentlemen opening doors for you, paying for your drinks and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. While it’s flattering, don’t believe everything you hear, as many of these chamuyeros, as they’re known in castellano, will probably have said the same thing to a few other women that same night.

And they’re persistent

Young LGBT couple in Buenos Aires — © Jason Sheil / iStock.
© Jason Sheil / iStock.

And if you don’t fall for their charms at first, they’ll try and try again and aren’t ashamed to bombard you with message or calls until you give in (or not), not to mention the blatant PDAs (Argentines aren’t afraid of public displays of affection).

Expect some telo time

You can’t have a romance in Argentina without experiencing a telo at least once. These love hotels, some of which have weird and wonderful themed rooms, are all over the city and charge by the hour, making life easier for those Argentines who still live at home (and you’ll find a lot of young people still live with their parents until they get married).

Be prepared to meet the whole family

Family plays a big role in most Argentines’ lives and asados with the padres (and even extended family) may quickly become a weekly ritual for you. And don’t be surprised if your boyfriend still takes his dirty washing home for his Mom to do.

Get ready for game playing and drama

Relationships drama in Argentina — © Mark Hatfield / iStock.
Relationships drama in Argentina — © Mark Hatfield / iStock.

Even if you’re officially novio (boyfriend) and novia (girlfriend), don’t get too comfortable, as you might not hear from them for two weeks. Like most hot-blooded Latinos, the Argentines love a bit of drama and are notoriously histéricos. Expect heated arguments and jealousy, but after the drama comes the make up time. There’s never a dull moment, which makes life fun and unpredictable.

Beware of cheating

Sadly it is quite common for both men and women to cheat in Argentina, which gives rise to high levels of distrust and that previously mentioned histérico behavior.

Don’t be put off…

Argentinian couple — © Free-Photos / Pixabay.
Argentinian couple — © Free-Photos / Pixabay.

Finding love in Argentina can also be an amazing experience so don’t get too disheartened if it doesn’t work out first time. The Argentines are an open, friendly loving bunch, who will make you feel welcome in their home from the get-go.

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Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on May 22, 2019.