Buenos Aires is a city of temptations and there’s no end of fun to be had. But in order to keep on top of your Spanish study by day and partying by night, you need to work off the previous night’s hangover, not to mention all the steak. There are plenty of fun ways to work up a sweat and stay in shape in the city. Here’s our roundup of places to get a good work out in Buenos Aires.

Bend and breathe

Where: Thames 1916, Palermo / Carlos Calvo 950, San Telmo

English yoga classes in Buenos Aires — © Buena Onda Yoga.
English yoga classes in Buenos Aires — © Buena Onda Yoga.

If you don’t quite feel ready to muddle your way through a yoga class in castellano then check out the English-speaking Buena Onda Yoga. The group of internationally certified instructors teaches Vinyasa flow-style yoga Monday to Saturday from two locations, one in Palermo and the other in San Telmo, and two yin yoga classes weekly. It’s a friendly community and a great way to meet both foreigners and locals (there’s one Spanish class on a Friday taught by an Argentine teacher). Walk-ins are welcome (USD 14 per class) but they also offer various weekly and monthly packages (all equipment included) as well as private classes, workshops and community events.

Feel the burn

Bootcamp classes in Buenos Aires — © Jungle Gym.
Bootcamp classes in Buenos Aires — © Jungle Gym.

Jungle Gym’s tagline is “Health Is Wealth” and the group’s English-speaking boot camp will whip you into shape in no time. Taking place in leafy green plazas, parks and gyms in Palermo and Recoleta, the hour-long sessions that run Monday to Friday combine HIIT training with boxing (Jungle Gym founder Freddie is also a boxing pro), calisthenics and weight training for a solid, all-round work out. No two sessions are the same and you work against your own bodyweight and the objects around you. There’s also a longer Weekend Warrior Boot Camp on selected weekends that’s great for working off a Friday night of boozing. You can join their closed FB group here to sign up for classes on the day and either pay as you go or buy a discounted package. Jungle Gym also offers private personal training and boxing sessions.

Round and round the Rosedal

Running track in Palermo woods — © Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Running track in Palermo woods — © Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

With so much open green space in Buenos Aires, why pay to exercise? Just head down to the Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Parks) and do your own workout in the great outdoors. There’s a running track encircling the very picturesque Rosedal that’s a popular hangout for exercise fiends running, skipping, skating and cycling their way around. All it takes is enough motivation to drag yourself off the sofa and get down there, plug in your Spotify, and you’ll thrive off the high levels of adrenaline in the air.

Gym time

Where: Guatemala 4641 / Av. Santa Fe 3532

Best gyms in Buenos Aires — © Pixabay.
Best gyms in Buenos Aires — © Pixabay.

For those who prefer to pump iron in the gym, there are plenty of gyms around the city offering different membership packages. Sadly, membership doesn’t come cheap in Buenos Aires, but if you make the investment, you’re gonna go, right? Always Gym is a solid option with two locations in the city and you can switch between the equipment at your own pace and mix it up with the occasional exercise class.

No pain no gain

Crossfit in Buenos Aires — © Megatlon.
Crossfit in Buenos Aires — © Megatlon.

Like in many cities around the world, CrossFit fever has taken Buenos Aires by storm and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion any time soon. Not for the fainthearted, it’s an intensive, high-energy workout that’ll have you hurting but will burn calories fast. Be sure to pay attention in class when they talk about form to avoid any nasty injuries. Check out Megacross, Bumper Crossfit (Permanently closed) and Tuluka. Many places will offer free or discounted trial classes so shop around until you find the one you like.

Biking around

Spinning classes in Buenos Aires — © Rockcycle.
Spinning classes in Buenos Aires — © Rockcycle.

A brisk cycle is all it takes to get your blood pumping and the city has bike lanes aplenty as well as parks and a humongous nature reserve for your cycling pleasure. You can take advantage of the city’s free bike sharing system with Ecobici (just register here) or get yourself a second hand bike (a brand new bike will set you back a small fortune). You can find good deals on Buenos Aires Classifieds or join the closed FB group Intercambio de Bicicletas where you’ll find some well-priced offers (you just might have to trek out to the middle of nowhere to pick up your new wheels).

You can also go down and see what all the fuss is about at RockCycle that has garnered a bit of a cult following among Buenos Aires’ cool kids (think intense, motivational spinning classes by candlelight to the beat of some rocking tunes). The first class is free and various membership packages are available.

Got any other tips for exercising in Buenos Aires? Tell our readers about them in the comments section below.

Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on July 13, 2018.