Over the last couple of years the gourmet burger craze has hit Buenos Aires in a big way and it looks like it’s here to stay with burger joints continuing to open up all over the city, all competing to offer the juiciest burger patty, best bun casero and most gluttonous selection of toppings. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know the good from the bad so we went out and did some research for you and have ranked five of the best burgers in Buenos Aires.

Where to get the best burgers in Buenos Aires?

Big Sur: Best Bun

Where: Avenida Cerviño 3596, Palermo Botanico / Migueletes 887, Las Canitas
Must try: Americana burger

Best burger by Big Sur — © Sophie Lloyds.
Best burger by Big Sur — © Sophie Lloyds.

There’s nothing worse than a burger bun that crumbles and breaks as you eat your burger but Big Sur has got their bun recipe down. Firstly, it comes lightly toasted and strikes the perfect balance between fluffy and chewy. The burger between the bun is also deliciously juicy and flavorsome and dripping with melted La Suerte cheese (which is the closest thing you’ll get to a decent cheddar cheese in the city). The Americana burger is a classic, failsafe choice from their menu with homemade barbecue sauce, a generous topping of cheese, smoked pancetta and their yummy homemade pickles. If you’re still hungry, order a side of their acelga (Swiss chard) pakoras that are crispy and delicious and go well with their homemade hot sauce.

180 Burger Bar: Best Patty

Where: Suipacha 749 / Sarmiento 985 / Tucuman 1579, Microcentro
Must try: Build your own

Burgers in Buenos Aires — © 180 burger bar.
Burgers in Buenos Aires — © 180 burger bar.

This place lives up to its name offering a giant 180-gram patty of meaty goodness that will fill you up for the rest of the day (and night). Even if you don’t live downtown around Microcentro where 180 Burger’s three locations are situated, it’s worth the bus ride down there. It’s a popular lunch spot with the city workers so get there early to avoid the queues. You can choose to build your own greasy burger tower, choosing from a combination of toppings that include a fried egg, cheese, bacon, ham and various salsas (try it Argentine style with some chimichurri. Their rustic homemade fries with the potato skins still on are also a tasty accompaniment.

Dogg: Only flame-broiled patty in town

Where: Lavalle 1134, Microcentro / San Martin 657, Microcentro / Blanco Encalada 1651, Belgrano
Must try: Chili y cheddar burger

Dogg burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.
Dogg burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.

What started out as a hot dog joint has now added burgers to their menu. What sets Dogg apart from the rest of the burger pack is that they flame grill their beef on a parrilla (watch them in action here). They keep the choice of toppings simple with the standard offerings of cheddar, bacon, pickles, mushrooms and caramelized onions but every burger is doble carne and the meat has an unbeatable smoky flavor. They also have a shelf of hot sauces from around the world to sample with your burger and fries. We challenge you to eat a burger and then a hot dog.

La Cresta: Most creative toppings

Where: Bulnes 829, Almagro / Bolivar 865, San Telmo
Must try: Chilli chutney burger

Chilli burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.
Chilli burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.

We like this place for their more imaginative topping combinations and their generous portion sizes. The Chilli Chutney burger is our number one pick that consists of a decent sized patty topped with guacamole, passion fruit, mango chutney, cheddar, cilantro and a dash of salsa picante on a toasted homemade bun. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then there’s the Napo burger with mozzarella, pancetta, pesto, tomato, onion and rocket.

Burger Joint: Best all round

Where: Jorge Luis Borges 1766, Palermo Soho
Must try: Mexican burger

Best allround burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.
Best allround burger in Buenos Aires — © Sophie Lloyds.

This is the original burger bar in Buenos Aires and, for us, it still takes the crown as the best burger in the city. The flavorful patty is always cooked to medium rare perfection (unless you request otherwise) and is served with crispy fries. There’s also a great selection of homemade sauces to add to your burger: our favorite is the cilantro mayonnaise. As well as offering the customary craft beer on tap, there’s also freshly made fruity sangria to go with your meal. While the Mexican burger with fresh guacamole, cheese and flaming jalapeños is a definite must-try, we also like Le Bleu (that’s dripping with blue cheese, mushrooms and caramelized onions). Even better, Burger Joint is open seven days a week to satisfy your burger craving and is always buzzing with people. The graffiti scrawled across the walls and the patio out back adds an extra layer of charm to the establishment.

Had any other great burgers in Buenos Aires lately that you think are worth mentioning? Tell our readers about them in the comments section below.

Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on November 11, 2017.