If you haven’t gotten into the world of podcasts yet, they’re a great way to fill spare moments in the day with something productive, whether you’re on the bus, waiting to meet a friend or getting ready for class in the morning. Once you have them downloaded on your phone, you can listen to them anywhere at any time. They’re free and uninterrupted by annoying ads (unless you’re the one doing the pausing). There are a lot of Argentine podcasts out there on a range of subjects that will help improve your Spanish listening skills tune your ear into castellano specifically, from short 20-minute snippets when you’re on the move to longer hour-long discussions and series for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Top podcasts for Argentinian Spanish learners

1. Posta

Posta Argentine podcast — © Posta.
Posta Argentine podcast — © Posta.

Posta like to call themselves the “radio of the future” for “curious listeners”. The podcast first came about when some Radio Metro FM hosts decided to delve into the world of podcasting back in 2014. They’ve since produced over 50 programs and a huge audience of listeners, and upload new episodes every few days. The podcasts consist of various stories, interviews and in-depth discussions, ranging from pop culture to current affairs to the totally absurd, led by mainstream radio columnists and well-known figures in the social media world. You can download and listen on demand via their website directly, Audioboom, iTunes or Spotify.

2. Argentina Podcastera

Argentina Podcastera — © Argentina Podcastera.
Argentina Podcastera — © Argentina Podcastera.

Argentina Podcastera is made up of a group of young podcast fans, which were pioneers of the podcast in Argentina and have played a big part in shaping and promoting the local scene. They initially produced the movie podcast Demasiado Cine (also worth a listen) and then decided to launch a platform to unite all the Argentine podcast makers in one place. Today their site is the go-to for Argentine podcasts and consists of a huge directory of podcasts, including some of those mentioned in this post, as well as other popular Argentine podcasts and shows from other parts of Latin America. Find podcasts about pretty much anything, from music and superheroes to the human psyche to more niche subjects.

3. Lunfa

Lunfa podcast in Argentina — © Lunfa.
Lunfa podcast in Argentina — © Lunfa.

If you like the Serial and This American Life podcasts then Lunfa will be your jam. Created by the founders of Argentina Podcastera, the serial podcasts mix traditional podcasting methods with more experimental tools. You’ll be impressed by the innovative sound production and the scripts are well written and take on a more risky story telling style. There’s a range of content to listen to from real science stories that will blow your mind to more lighthearted 80s themed podcasts and podcasts about the art of the podcast.

4. Quémese después de escuchar

Quémese después de escuchar — © Quémese después de Escuchar.
Quémese después de escuchar — © Quémese después de Escuchar.

For Netflix addicts and film buffs, this is a great podcast to tune into. There are various episodes waxing lyrical on the latest movies and TV series as well as revisiting old favorites and cult classics. There’s also a section specifically dedicated to Argentine cinema so you can broaden your knowledge of the local movie scene. Each weekly episode is only around 30 to 40 minutes in length so you easily slot them into free periods during your day. Available to download from Audioboom, Spotify and iVoox.

5. Etcetera

Etcetera podcast — © Etcétera.
Etcetera podcast — © Etcétera.

This is a podcast on cualquier cosa. It touches on a little of everything and anything, from the latest weird and wonderful news stories in Argentina and the rest of the world to random trivia and more serious topics of discussion. Each short episode covers a range of subjects so you won’t get bored easily. The hosts recommend you start from the beginning when their first podcast came out in 2007 and listen in a chronological order. Although they haven’t produced any new podcasts in a while, they’re still worth a listen.

6. La Tortulia

La Tortulia podcast — © La Tortulia.
La Tortulia podcast — © La Tortulia.

This entertaining podcast shares real life stories about history and historical figures, shedding new light on important events and people over time. They’re both dramatic and funny, showing that real life can be as impactful and entertaining as fiction. It’s a great way to polish up on your world history knowledge in a lighthearted fashion.

Listened to any other good Argentine podcasts that you would recommend? Tell us about them in the comments section below.

Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on October 24, 2018.