Argentina is a land of milk and honey (or more steak and dulce de leche) for every food lover! In consequence of the high immigration in the past, the potpourri of the different cultures had a big influence on Argentina. This enabled a unique mix that you can notice everywhere you go in Buenos Aires. Fashion, architecture or food are just a few examples where the association of the diverse cultures creates something special. Enjoy the tastes of the city in one of the many restaurants or just on the street with some tasty street food!

1. Empanadas

Empanada in Argentina — © Linda Biggs / Pixabay.
Empanada in Argentina — © Linda Biggs / Pixabay.

Historically invented as a hot portable cheap dish, the empanada plays still an important role in the South American kitchen. Nearly every country in Latin America has its own specific empanada filled with sweet or savory stuffing. You will find them deep-fried or baked depending on the province.

Recommendation: With a little help from the industry it’s very easy to make empanadas by yourself. Checking out the dairy cases in the supermarkets in Buenos Aires, you will find formed and prepared mixtures for empanadas. All you have to do is filling it with your favorite stuffing. There are no limits to your creativity!

Delivery Service for empanadas? No problem in Buenos Aires! La Aguada (Billinghurst 1862, Alto Palermo, Tel. 4827–9477) offers tasty empanadas, delivered right to your house.

2. Alfajores

Alfajores in Argentina — © TheRumorist / Pixabay.
Alfajores in Argentina — © TheRumorist / Pixabay.

The daydream for all sugar and sweet lovers: The Argentinean Alfajores. Kind of a “Cookie sandwich”, filled with chocolate or — of course — dulce de leche. Find your favorite taste and check out one of the plenty bakeries that offer them in a lot of different homemade varieties or just go to the next supermarket. One of the sweetest things that you will ever taste!

Recommendation: Try the “Havanna Negro” from the brand Havanna. A real chocolate explosion in your mouth!

3. Tarta

Tarta in Argentina — © Pixabay.
Tarta in Argentina — © Pixabay.

The French influence can be noticed in the tasty tartas, reminding on a popular salty “cake”: the French Quiche. Filled with ham or cheese, a variety of different veggies and topped with eggs and cheese: A culinary delight!

Recommendation: For affordable 35 pesos you get a big piece and a high variety of tartas at “Tarta & Co.” in José Hernández 2454, Belgrano.

Medialunas in Argentina — © Elebaires.
Medialunas in Argentina — © Elebaires.

The typical Argentinean breakfast is small and sweet. If you want to try a typical Argentinian breakfast, grab some Medialunas with Coffee in one of the nice Cafes in Palermo or just “to go”, how they are offered in every bakery.

You will get these Croissants sweet or salty, plain or filled and usually consumed as breakfast or as tea time snack.

Recommendation: Try the salty version queso y jamon, a perfect snack in the afternoon.

5. Choripán

Choripán in Argentina — © Elebaires.
Choripán in Argentina — © Elebaires.

Super tasty, super big and perfect as a snack after a long party night in one of the plenty clubs in Buenos Aires: The Choripán. Basically just a sausage in a crunchy bread, topped with salsa or tomatoes and onions. As a part of the Argentinean kitchen you will find them on every market, as street food or in restaurants.

Recommendation: If you want to try a Choripán with different salsas, El Parrillon (Avenida de los Italianos in Costanera Sur) is your place to go. Here you will find a lot of delicious homemade salsas that are topping the real chimichurri experience. Choose between chimichurri, different mayonnaises or classical salsas like criolla.

6. Dulce de leche

Everywhere you go dulce the leche is present. This sweet caramel paste is used to fill cakes, cookies, alfajores or just spread over toasted bread for breakfast or as an ice cream flavor.

Recommendation: In the middle of the San Telmo Market (Sunday from 10.00 h to 17.00 h) you will find a stand, that offers dulce the leche in tasty variations. Give it a try!

7. Chimichurri

San Telmo Food Market — © Julia Phillips.
San Telmo Food Market — © Julia Phillips.

Chimichurri is a tasty salsa made of parsley, garlic, oregano, chilli pepper flakes, onion, olive oil and lemon or vinegar. Used as a marinade or besides blanketing grilled meats a must have to every typical Argentinean BBQ!

Recommendation: Try also the red version on top of a Choripán!

8. Meat, meat, meat

Parrilla in Argentina — © Julia Phillips.
Parrilla in Argentina — © Julia Phillips.

Meat enthusiasts of the world: Buenos Aires is your place! Apart from the big national obsession dulce de leche, Argentineans are absolutely obsessed with their meat. In Buenos Aires you can find some of the best steakhouses of the world. But also for a lower budget are options to try: bife de chorizo (sirloin), ojo de bife (rib eye), cuadril (rump) or entraña (flank). In nearly every household you will find a big BBQ, the parrilla, that is almost every weekend getting into action, used to have big reunions with friends or family.

Recommendation: For around 400 pesos you get an all you can eat buffet at Sigue la vaca (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1714, Tel: 011 4315–6801) with all kind of meat, fresh side dishes and additionally a nice view next to the water. Instead of falling into a food coma after all the food, you can take a long walk next to the Puerto Madero and enjoy the lightings in the evening.

9. Milanesa

The huge Italian influence on the Argentinean culture can also be noticed in the food. Apart from pizza and Co you can find Milanesas, typically referred to as Milanesa Napolitana. The thin crumbed meat is served in a huge variety, containing for example mozzarella and tomatoes or served with fried eggs on top.

Recommendation: You want to have the real Milanesa experience? Then the Club de la Milanesa is your place to go! With a variety of over 60 different options, served on traditional wooden plates, everybody will find his favorite Milanesa.

Tip: Order the extra-large Milanesa plates that can easily be shared by 4 people and have a Milanesa party! You will find their 3 restaurants in Palermo, Recoleta and Caballito.

Did we miss a typical Argentinian meal? Let us know in the comment section if you have another tip.

Originally published on Ailola by Julia Phillips on July 9, 2017.