1. Tigre

Beautiful landscapes and a relaxing atmosphere make Tigre a perfect getaway for Buenos Aires residents. Go for a swim or pick up a water sport like kayaking or jet skiing. Additionally, a lively market and boat ride tours around 100 pesos with a guide are offered everywhere. During the boat ride will be explained the interesting history of the Tigre Delta and you’ll have a nice view on the beautiful houses that are located next to the water and make you want to stay.


  • If you have the option, rent one of those houses via Airbnb together with your friends for a long weekend and have a relaxing time!
  • Visit the Puerto de Frutos, a busy port that connects the mainland with the islands in the delta.
  • Visit Parque de la Costa, a theme park with a roller coaster and much more.
  • If you want to get to Tigre, the cheapest option is to take the direct train that leaves from the station Retiro and takes about 45 minutes.

2. Bioparque Temaikèn

Close to the city Escobar and around 50 km away from the capital, a private park invites their visitors to get away from the rush city life and recover new energy by being surrounded by unique nature. 6 days a week between 10 am to 7 pm, you can discover flora and fauna with local and exotic animals in one of the four different areas in their natural environment.


  • Would you like to save money? On Tuesdays the park offers a discount so that you can enter for round about 50 pesos less.
  • Find more information about the opening hours and prices on their website.

3. Carlos Keen

Around 80 km away from the city center of Buenos Aires you can find a nice and cosy town that seems like directly out of a western movie: Carlos Keen. Built in 1875, most buildings are still preserved. Nowadays around 500 inhabitants are still living here. They offer home stays and traditional food in one of the nice restaurants and give you the possibility to practice your Spanish. Moreover they are surely more than motivated to give you an understanding what is the real campo life. Definitely the wrong place to party, but perfect if you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, sit down, want to enjoy good traditional food and get to know the real Argentina from the countryside.


  • Visit the fería artesanal at the Ferrocarril station on the weekend!
  • Find the place on Google Maps.

4. Estancias

Estancias, or also known as ranches, play a huge part in the culture, history and economy of Argentina. Get to know the real gaucho life and combine your stay in Buenos Aires with a stay at an Estancia. Take the opportunity to stay as a guest at a working ranch, to experience the unique gaucho culture in the beautiful setting of the Argentinean countryside. Apart from the “gaucho factor”, estancias are famous for their excellent cooking, especially when it comes to BBQ and empanadas. Choose between a riding estancia and a relaxing estancia and enjoy the other side of Argentina.

Riding estancias:

Relaxing estancias:

5. Peru Beach

Just 20 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, on the Tren de la Costa you can find a river beach called Peru Beach. Even if it’s not a “real ocean beach” you can find all the opportunities that are also offered next to the sea. Tanning, water sports or enjoying sandy and grassy shores? No problem at the Peru Beach! No matter what you decide to do, you are guaranteed to enjoy if you make the journey to Peru Beach.


  • How to get there? Take the train towards Tigre from Retiro and get of the Acassuso. From here walk 15–20 minutes down Peru Street to the beach.
  • Spice up your evening with a selection of interesting cocktails. Take a delicious mojito in one of the many benches that line the beach and drink your cocktail with a great view over the horizon.

Originally published on Ailola by Julia Phillips on September 3, 2017.