Summer in Cape Town: the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius, we are spending the day on the beach, people are having cold drinks in a bar and the whole city is enjoying this period of the year. What we love most about summer? Definitely all those beautiful sunsets. The sky is filled with pink clouds and the view over the ocean lets you forget about everyday worries for a few minutes. Take a snack, a regional wine and your camera because Cape Town is popular for the most beautiful sundowners we could imagine, it’s not hard to say why. Check out our Top 5 Hotspots for a perfect sundowner in our Mother City.

1. Lions Head

Lions Head — © Johanna Hafner.
Lions Head — © Johanna Hafner.

The one hour hike on top of Lions Head is worth in any case: between Table Mountain and Signal Hill, Lions Head provides a gorgeous 360 degree view over the City. The path gets more treacherous and rocky the higher you go with very steep drops but especially during the evening, Lions Head is full of people who enjoy the nature and like hiking. Once you get on top the view is unique. Don’t forget to take a torch light and enough water to drink. It’s a great activity and completely achievable with basic fitness skills.

2. Signal Hill

Signal Hill — © Johanna Hafner.
Signal Hill — © Johanna Hafner.

This is one of Cape Town’s best loved sun-downer spots. There is something magical about watching sunset on Signal Hill. During long summer nights, this is the place for a picnic in a romantic atmosphere. Paragliders take off and fly. During a picnic, you’re always in good company. Take the Hop On Hop Off Tour bus or have a lovely walk: You will love it.

3. Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach — © Johanna Hafner.
Clifton Beach — © Johanna Hafner.

There’s nothing better like spending an evening at one of Cape Town’s beaches. A stunning ocean view, white sand as well as a great holiday atmosphere: Clifton Beach and its four bays are the perfect setting for a sunset picnic at the beach. 10 minutes to drive from our language school and it seems you’re in paradise. By the way: Clifton Beach is a great place to spot some wales.

4. The Grand Africa Café & Beach

The Grand Africa Café & Beach — © Johanna Hafner.
The Grand Africa Café & Beach — © Johanna Hafner.

What about dinner and a glass of wine during sunset? The most popular location, especially loved by our language students is “The Grand Africa Café & Beach”. Cape Town’s first beach club is the perfect mix between bar, café and restaurant and offers a great view over the Atlantic Ocean. Directly next to the V&A Waterfront the tranquilizing sound of the waves, the taste of a gourmet meal on elegant tables with candle light make your evening perfect.

5. Sea Point Promenade

Sea Point Promenade — © Johanna Hafner.
Sea Point Promenade — © Johanna Hafner.

Only 2 minutes away from the school and definitely the easiest way of enjoying Cape Town for Ailola students. The Sea Point Promenade goes along the Atlantic coast and offers a great view, not only for sunsets. The walkway along the beach-front is used by residents and tourists for walking, jogging or socializing. Sea Point’s Promenade is the perfect place for a walk or just to spot some dolphins and wales.

Originally published on Ailola by Johanna Hafner on April 25, 2016.