Churros are one of Spain’s most decadent of pleasures. They’re fat, sugary fingers of fried dough that, when done right, should be crispy on the outside and light and spongy in the middle. They’re eaten hot with a big cup of thick, hot melted chocolate for dipping (and, trust us, you’ll struggle to finish the entire cup and will probably need a spoon). You can have them for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack or a late night post-bar treat. And now that it’s cold outside, there’s even more reason to indulge in this warm, sweet snack. Here’s our guide to where to find the best churros con chocolate in Madrid.

Top churrocerías in Madrid

Chocolatería San Ginés

Where: Pasadizo de San Gines 5, Madrid

San Gines churros in Madrid — © Rubén Vique / Flickr.
San Gines churros in Madrid — © Rubén Vique / Flickr.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. This historical establishment, tucked away down a tiny alley close to Puerta del Sol, is Madrid’s finest and most famous spot for churros con chocolate. Dating back to 1894, their age-old recipe continues to draw crowds of sweet-toothed punters through the doors, both locals and tourists alike. The original trappings of the building remain to this day, giving the place a nostalgic charm, with vintage tiled floors, retro lamps, mirrored walls and white marble tables that are packed in tight and spill out onto the street. You might have to queue a while to get your churro fix but it’s worth the wait and the best part is that it’s open 24 hours a day so it’s a popular spot for late night revelers on their way home.

Chocolatería Valor

Valor chocolate in Madrid — © Anne Karakash / Pixabay.
Valor chocolate in Madrid — © Anne Karakash / Pixabay.

Spain’s beloved chocolate brand Valor also does some of the best churros con chocolate that money can buy. You can sit at the bar and watch the mouth-watering deliciousness being prepared before your eyes. There’s a dizzying list of chocolate options on the menu here and you’ll quickly discover your eyes are bigger than your stomach. They have a few chocolaterías around the city so to find the Valor nearest you, click here.

Los Artesanos 1902

Where: Calle San Martín 2, Madrid

Los Artesanos churros in Madrid — © Chocolatería 1902.
Los Artesanos churros in Madrid — © Chocolatería 1902.

This small family-run establishment has been in business since 1902 when Don Florencio made his first churros and the recipe has been passed down through five generations. The dipping chocolate formula has also been finely honed over the years too, and now involves three different varieties of cocoa beans from South America. As you munch on the chocolate-dipped crispy goodness, you can watch the churros artisans at work in the kitchen through big glass windows skillfully forming the dough into those familiar ridged spiral shapes and dropping them into the hot oil. Another thing that sets these guys apart is that you can choose between both milk and dark chocolate for your mug of dipping chocolate.

La Antigua Churrería

Where: Conde de Peñalver 32 / Av. 2 de Mayo 28, Madrid

La Antigua Churrería in Madrid — © Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble / Flickr.
La Antigua Churrería in Madrid — © Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble / Flickr.

The Quiroga family, now in its fourth generation, sure knows how to make a good churro and the businesses 100-year history is depicted through the old photos decorating the walls of their charming cafés (there are now two locations in the city). Forget the standard churros, if you really want to hit the sweet spot, we recommend trying the churros stuffed with cream, chocolate or caramel, and then decadently dipped in chocolate. If you’ve still got room, their ice cream is pretty good too.

Chocolat Madrid

Where: Calle Santa Maria 30, Madrid

Chocolat Madrid — © Maite Sanmartin / Pixabay.
Chocolat Madrid — © Maite Sanmartin / Pixabay.

Situated in the Barrio de Las Letras hood, Chocolat Madrid hasn’t been in the churros game as long as some of its counterparts since it only opened in 2003 but it still serves up some of the best chocolate y churros in town. There’s something about the taste and quality of the artisan chocolate at this place that makes it highly addictive. They also have a very affordable lunch menu during the week.

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Originally published on Ailola by Sophie Lloyd on December 1, 2017.